Approval Process for Alteration to Existing Development

The following flow chart provides a simplified process for changes to existing developments, buildings, or spaces.

A visual of the approval process for redevelopment as described below.

  1. Project Review / Lease Adjustment – Tenants, working with RAA Planning & Development, review the proposed project to confirm it meets the current Development Regulations and permitted uses as stated in the tenant’s lease. If the use proposed is not a permitted used in the Tenant’s lease, an adjustment to the tenant’s lease potentially can be considered or renegotiated.
  2. Design Approval / Development Permit – Tenants submit required information to RAA Planning & Development for approval of the proposed alteration of the development
  3. Facility Alteration Permit – Tenants are required to fill out a Facility Alteration Permit. After review, Building Permit(s) may also be required, dependent on the project.
  4. Building Permit – Tenants submit design drawings sealed by the responsible professional. Building permit(s) are issued by RAA, upon review and recommendation of a third-party building code inspector.
  5. Occupancy Permit – An occupancy permit is issued by RAA upon acceptable completion of a development when the work is completed and suitable for occupancy.

Development Regulations

The full Regina Airport Development Regulations are available here: YQR Development Regulations

Contact Information

For information or questions about alterations or re-development, please contact:
John Aston A. Sc. T., DULE
Vice President, Commercial, Projects and Planning
Regina Airport Authority
Phone:  306-761-7493