Facility, Building, and Dig Permits

Facility Alteration Permit

A Facility Alteration Permit (FAP): Construction or installation of all equipment, facilities, and devices, or alterations made to any Regina Airport Authority (RAA) property and/or leased property at the airport must receive RAA approval.

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Dig Permit

A Dig Permit Application MUST be completed and APPROVED PRIOR to disturbing the ground or commencing any work that may cause ground disturbance.

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Building Permit

A Building Permit (BP) may be required based on the scope of the Facility Alteration Permit (FAP). After FAP submission, the Regina Airport Authority may ask for a BP submission, which will be reviewed by the Building Official (Municode). Only after the completion of the review can the contactor proceed with the work. The Building Permit will require a sealed drawing from an Engineer/Architect, along with a Commitment for Field Review.

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