New Development Process

The Regina Airport Authority (RAA) is the approving authority for all development on the Regina International Airport lands.

Development proponents work with the RAA to determine appropriate site location for their proposed development, enter into a lease agreement with the RAA, and apply for and receive development, building and occupancy permit approval.

Approval Process for New Developments

The following flow chart provides a simplified process for development within YQR.

  1. Site Selection – Prospective tenants, working with RAA Planning & Development, select their desired site appropriate for their proposed development consistent with the Land Use Plan and appropriate Development Regulation District
  2. Development Permit – Prospective tenants submit required information to RAA Planning & Development for approval of the development.
  3. Lease – Prospective tenants review and execute lease provided by RAA.
  4. Building Permit – Tenants submit design drawings sealed by the responsible professional. Building permits are issued by RAA, upon review and recommendation of a third-party building code inspector.
  5. Occupancy Permit – An occupancy permit is issued by RAA upon acceptable completion of a development when the work is completed and suitable for occupancy.

Development Regulations

The full Regina Airport Development Regulations are available here: YQR Development Regulations

Contact Information

For information or questions about potential opportunities, please contact:
John Aston A. Sc. T., DULE
Vice President, Commercial, Projects and Planning
Regina Airport Authority
Phone:  306-761-7493