Airport Projects

Feb 13, 2023:  Air Terminal Building Roof Project

Portions of the air terminal building roof are beyond life expectancy and in need of replacement. Replacement of the roof will reduce roof leaks and provide an opportunity to improve thermal performance of the roof by upgrading the roof insulation. The original roofing membrane and insulation will be removed and replaced. The approximate size of roof to be replaced is 4800m2.


Past Projects

Jan 10, 2023: SaskEnergy and YQR Partner on Carbon Capture at YQR

Sask Energy and YQR have partnered with Canadian company Clean02 to introduce new technology to the province of Saskatchewan, by way of a novel carbon capture device that will be used on the Air Terminal Building’s boiler system.

In 2021, the ATB accounted for 58% of the RAA’s total natural gas usage. While improvements to the building’s heating and cooling can be pursued through upgrades to components of the HVAC system, the ATB boiler system is not expected to require replacement or upgrade for decades, This project will help the RAA towards its 2030 Carbon Reduction Target by reducing the RAA’s annual carbon footprint by an estimated 91 tonnes and overall gas usage by 7% – 14%. Carbon will be permanently captured by filter media which will be turned into soap that will then be branded by Sask Energy and YQR. SaskEnergy will also independently monitor, verify, and report on how the new technology functions in a Saskatchewan context.


May 11, 2023: YQR Runway Revitalization Project

Regina Airport Authority is undertaking a major airfield revitalization project. Construction commenced the first week of May and will run through to the third week of September of 2023.

For the duration of the project, the main runway at YQR (13-31) will be closed as it is being rehabilitated. However, flights will continue on YQR’s secondary runway (08-26). Our airline partners have been involved in the planning of this project for over 18 months and have adjusted their schedules in preparation to ensure uninterrupted service this summer.

Please note that during this project, residents of Regina may notice heavier aircraft traffic in some areas of the city while less in others. This is due to all takeoffs and landings being limited to a single runway instead of being dispersed between the two.

The project will involve the following work in the airfield:

  • Pavement rehabilitation on Runway 13/31 and Taxiway Kilo
  • Drainage improvements
  • Replacement of runway edge lighting and associated electrical infrastructure
  • Installation of a SALSAR approach lighting system for runway 31
  • Installation of Runway End Safety Areas (RESAs) on Runway 13 & 31 and Runway 08 & 26

This project will result in impacts to airport operations that may affect some users. Operation of Runways 13/31 and 08/26 will be affected during construction:

  • Runway 13-31 will be closed during the entire construction period from May-September.
  • Runway 08/26 will remain open at full length except for periods where it will be temporarily reduced to 4800ft from 8:00pm-8:00am on 8 consecutive weekends commencing the weekend of May 26-29 with each Friday/Saturday/Sunday night being affected.
  • The periods of overnight reductions were selected to minimize impacts to aircraft requiring the full length of Runway 08/26

This project is partially funded through the Government of Canada’s Airport Critical Infrastructure Program (ACIP).


2nd Floor Hold Room Renovations

We are expanding our post security area this summer – which is phase 1 of our terminal building renovation.

This project will greatly increase the amount of post security food and beverage outlets as well as expand our passenger waiting area. When completed you will find new comfortable seating, additional outlets for your electronic devices and the creation of a children’s play area.

RAA will also be enhancing and streamlining our pre-screening queuing area. Watch for new signage and entrances that better define “passenger screening” and “priority screening” (for trusted travellers, Nexus, flight crews and RAC holders)

Construction is ongoing and is scheduled to be completed before Christmas.

Cost of Phase 1 Renovations: $1 Million (fully funded by the airport improvement fee.)

Completion Date: Before Christmas 2019

Energy Reduction Project

Greenwave Innovations - your partner in energy conservation

Greenwave Innovations has been selected to assist RAA in a comprehensive review of its power consumption in the main terminal. The main purpose of this project is to determine the best practices that will help reduce RAA’s overall carbon footprint.

This project will collect and trend high resolution data which will help the RAA to set carbon reduction targets, and to identify methods to reach those targets.

Recommended changes and best practices will help reduce the RAA’s overall carbon footprint.

The evaluation will also provide direction on how to further shrink RAA’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The project includes the installation of over 3,000 data loggers, which will provide RAA vital information that will be used to educate, analyze and plan for future projects.

RAA recognizes the need to be environmentally conscious while experiencing continued growth that is critically important for our community.

This project will help to streamline YQR energy consumption, help with carbon reduction s and provide overall cost savings.

Cost of Energy Consumption Review: $150,000 (fully funded by the airport improvement fee.)

Completion Date: By 2020

Upgraded WIFI System

WiFi logo

Customer service is a priority for us at YQR. Today’s traveller wants to be able to connect to the digital world using a mobile device from wherever they are, whether travelling for business or pleasure.

To help create a positive experience for people visiting YQR, we are making a significant investment in the wireless network we provide for travellers.

Our goal is to make that network more reliable with better coverage for our guests that use the network for business or leisure purposes while they are here at YQR.

This project, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019 is funded by the Airport Improvement Fee and will cost around $150,000.

Cost of Upgraded WIFI System: $150,000 (fully funded by the airport improvement fee.)

Completion Date: December 2019

Runway Deicing Truck

De-icing truck with Epoke attachment

Saskatchewan is well known for its cold and snowy weather during winter. To combat these crippling weather conditions RAA has purchased a high-caliber winter road maintenance deicing truck from Epoke.

This newest generation of Epoke chemical spreaders has world class technology that will allow the RAA winter maintenance team to have an even more accurate and uniform delivery while spreading sodium formate and potassium acetate when de-icing our runway surfaces.

This includes the ability to ensure the appropriate chemicals are being spread at the right rates depending on the weather conditions.

RAA is required to maintain the runways and all airside paved surfaces. These areas are de-iced regularly. 

The truck can apply chemical to prevent the formation of ice and/or apply a different chemical to aid in the removal of formed ice to ensure the safety of the travelling public and others visiting YQR.

The Epoke equipment will provide the RAA maintenance team exceptional flexibility and the ability to deice at a faster pace with a higher degree of efficiency.

The Epoke machine will supplement the current fleet of machines that ensure safe and continuous operation of the airport during winter conditions.]

Cost of Epoke de-icing truck: $550,000 (fully funded by the airport improvement fee.)

Completion Date: Winter of 2019

Simplified Short Approach Lighting System

The RAA will be enhancing flight operations safety at YQR by installing a precision approach lighting system on Runway 31.

This initiative supported by our partners at WestJet and Air Canada will increase pilot ability to safely land aircraft on Runway 31 at night and in low visibility conditions.

Known in the aviation industry as a Simplified Short Approach Lighting System or (SSALR), it is a combination of 45 high intensity steady burning lights followed by 5 sequenced flashing lights called strobes.

Cost of Simplified Short Approach Lighting System: $ 1.5 Million(fully funded by the airport improvement fee.)

Completion Date: September 2023