Commercial Vehicle Operators

All Commercial Vehicle Operators must possess a license agreement with Regina Airport Authority (RAA) and adhere to all rules and regulations.

If you do NOT have a license agreement, you are not permitted to operate at YQR. But we have good news! It’s easy to get a license agreement and all commercial vehicle operators are encouraged to do so.

1) Fees

YQR charges a fee for pick-ups and drop offs. The operator is expected to collect this fee and remit it monthly. Fess are:

  • 1 – 7 seats: $2 per trip
  • 8 – 14 seats: $5 per trip
  • 15 – 24 seats: $10 per trip
  • 25+ seats: $20 per trip

2) Parking

When licensed, operators gain priority access to pick-up parking in:

  • The Commercial Lane in the Short-Term parking lot for small and mid-sized vehicles.
  • The Bus Lane for busses.
  • Passenger drop off is curbside.

Updated Curbside Map

3) How to apply:

  • Download the application
  • Fill it out and send it to We will review the application and let you know when you are approved and can begin to operate at YQR.

4) Cost of License Agreement?

Once approved, you will pay $1.00 as a license fee and remit the pick-up/drop-off fees monthly going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once approved you pay $1.00 (One Dollar) as license fees.

Approval takes up to four weeks. While the agreement may take some time to process, in the meantime, you are required to track your pick-ups and drop-offs at the airport and self-report as per the procedure.

No. After approval, you are only required to pay usage fees based on the number of pick-up and drop-offs. There are no other fees whatsoever.

Yes. After approval, you must self-report all trips you make to and from the Airport. (As per the format provided by RAA)

Trip Fees are based on vehicle seating (not passengers) as follows:

  • Seven (7) or fewer seats: $2.00 per pick-up, $2.00 per drop off
  • 7 to 14 seats: $5.00 per pick-up, $5.00 per drop off
  • 15 to 24 seats or more: $10.00 per pick-up, $5.00 per drop off

25 Seats or more: $20.00 per pick-up, $20.00 per drop off

The required template will be provided with approval. You can also contact with any questions.

Trip reports must be filled out and submitted with payment every month.

Trip reports must be submitted, even if you have zero trips. You can email it to

Yes, trip reports can be submitted to

Yes. Trip reports can be mailed with a cheque to:

Finance Department
1-5201 Regina Ave
Regina, SK
S4W 1B3

Yes. You can bring trip reports and payments to the RAA Office.

Cheques should be payable to “Regina Airport Authority Inc.”  Your License number and Name of the Company should be in the memo line of the cheque.

No, but you must follow TNC rules. The TNC trade dress must be on the front windshield of your vehicle, and your app must be open while you are on airport property.

Call the RAA Administration Office at 306-761-7555, or send an email to

The RAA Office is in the far south end of Air Terminal Building.

1-5201, Regina Avenue
Regina S4W 1B3

The office is open 8am to 4pm Friday (Monday to Friday). Closed Saturday and Sunday, and all holidays.