SaskEnergy and YQR Partner on Carbon Capture at YQR

January 10, 2023

Sask Energy and YQR have partnered with Canadian company Clean02 to introduce new technology to the province of Saskatchewan, by way of a novel carbon capture device that will be used on the Air Terminal Building’s boiler system.

In 2021, the ATB accounted for 58% of the RAA’s total natural gas usage. While improvements to the building’s heating and cooling can be pursued through upgrades to components of the HVAC system, the ATB boiler system is not expected to require replacement or upgrade for decades, This project will help the RAA towards its 2030 Carbon Reduction Target by reducing the RAA’s annual carbon footprint by an estimated 91 tonnes and overall gas usage by 7% – 14%. Carbon will be permanently captured by filter media which will be turned into soap that will then be branded by Sask Energy and YQR. SaskEnergy will also independently monitor, verify, and report on how the new technology functions in a Saskatchewan context.


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