Facility Alteration Permit (FAP)

Facility Alteration Permit (FAP) Facility Alteration Permit (FAP)

What Work Needs a FAP:

  • Any work that may impact existing airport infrastructure
  • Any construction type (small or big)
  • Any installation of equipment (small or big)
  • Facilities modification (upgrade/reinstallation/removal)
  • Alterations made to any Regina Airport Authority (RAA) controlled and/or leased property
  • Movement of existing sheds/structures/equipment/plants/artifacts
  • If you have questions, please check with faps@yqr.ca or contact the Regina Airport Authority

Maintenance requiring removal/reinstallation/upgrade also requires a FAP; however, that process can be fast-tracked with minimal requirements.

Proposed work that could affect airport operations may require an additional plan of construction operations to communicate the project proponent’s strategy to accommodate for construction impacts.

Who Needs to Apply?

  • Existing tenants
  • Prospective tenants
  • Agents of the airport and third-party contractors working on airport lands
  • Contractors/outside representatives/contractors acting on behalf of the corporation/tenant

If the applicant is not the owner of the property, the application must provide the name and contact information of the primary lease holder.

Submission Requirements:

Expected Outcome:

  • The Regina Airport Authority will review and respond with: Approved/Rejected/Conditionally approved/Pending – requiring more information
  • Applicants may receive a request for additional information from Regina Airport Authority
  • The airport is located on federal land; therefore, some proposed facility alterations may require review under the Impact Assessment Act, 2019. The RAA will determine when proposed work should be reviewed under this act
  • Applicants will receive a response within 7-10 business days
  • Work may not proceed until the permit is approved

Please ensure all required documents are provided. Complex projects or applications without proper supporting documentation may take longer to process.

FAP Guidelines

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