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Airline Flight #FromScheduled TimeActual TimeStatus
Air Canada1117Toronto6:04 PM5:57 PMEarly
Westjet3272Edmonton6:13 PM6:26 PMDelayed
Westjet210Vancouver, Calgary6:55 PM6:41 PMEarly
Air Canada.8488Edmonton7:23 PM7:25 PMOn Time
Air Canada.8349Winnipeg7:43 PM7:43 PMOn Time
Air Canada.8434Calgary8:16 PM8:16 PMOn Time
Westjet593Montreal, Toronto8:36 PM8:26 PMEarly
Westjet3264Calgary8:35 PM8:35 PMOn Time
Delta Airlines7096Toronto8:36 PM8:36 PMOn Time
Delta Airlines4682Minneapolis9:03 PM9:03 PMOn Time
Westjet6755Minneapolis9:03 PM9:03 PMOn Time
United Express5229Chicago10:00 PM10:00 PMOn Time
Air Canada4453Chicago10:00 PM10:00 PMOn Time
United Express6524Denver10:08 PM10:08 PMOn Time
Air Canada4377Denver10:08 PM10:08 PMOn Time
Delta Airlines7093Calgary10:20 PM10:20 PMOn Time
Westjet212Vancouver, Calgary10:20 PM10:20 PMOn Time
Air Canada1119Ottawa, Toronto10:34 PM10:34 PMOn Time
Air Canada.8436Calgary12:31 AM12:31 AMOn Time
Westjet2415Cancun1:40 AM1:40 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8490Edmonton7:38 AM7:38 AMOn Time
Westjet3269Winnipeg8:13 AM8:13 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8345Winnipeg8:18 AM8:18 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8430Calgary9:01 AM9:01 AMOn Time
Westjet3296Calgary9:40 AM9:40 AMOn Time
Air Canada1113Toronto9:49 AM9:49 AMOn Time
Westjet3212Edmonton10:43 AM10:43 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8347Winnipeg10:58 AM10:58 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8432Calgary11:56 AM11:56 AMOn Time
Westjet3268Edmonton12:38 PM12:38 PMOn Time
Westjet314Vancouver, Calgary1:20 PM1:20 PMOn Time
Air Canada1115Toronto1:29 PM1:29 PMOn Time
AirlineFlight #ToScheduled TimeActual TimeStatus
Air Canada1118Toronto6:40 PM6:40 PMOn Time
Westjet3205Edmonton6:45 PM6:50 PMDelayed
Westjet203Calgary7:35 PM7:35 PMOn Time
Air Canada.8489Edmonton7:50 PM7:50 PMOn Time
Air Canada.8439Calgary8:50 PM8:50 PMOn Time
Westjet3262Winnipeg5:00 AM5:00 AMOn Time
Westjet156Toronto5:15 AM5:15 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8344Winnipeg5:20 AM5:20 AMOn Time
Westjet313Calgary, Vancouver5:40 AM5:40 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8433Calgary5:50 AM5:50 AMOn Time
Air Canada1112Toronto6:25 AM6:25 AMOn Time
Westjet2426Puerto Vallarta8:00 AM7:00 AMEarly
Air Canada.8491Edmonton8:05 AM8:05 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8571Vancouver8:50 AM8:50 AMOn Time
Westjet3269Edmonton8:55 AM8:55 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8435Calgary9:35 AM9:35 AMOn Time
Westjet3289Calgary10:25 AM10:25 AMOn Time
Air Canada1114Toronto10:25 AM10:25 AMOn Time
Westjet3271Edmonton, Fort McMurray11:20 AM11:20 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8346Winnipeg11:30 AM11:30 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8437Calgary12:30 PM12:30 PMOn Time
Westjet3268Winnipeg1:20 PM1:20 PMOn Time
Westjet311Calgary, Vancouver2:00 PM2:00 PMOn Time
Air Canada1116Toronto, Ottawa2:05 PM2:05 PMOn Time

These pages provide the same timely reporting of flights arriving and departing the Regina International Airport as seen on the monitors throughout the terminal building. Flight information is provided courtesy of Regina Airport Authority Inc., however, all listings and times are maintained and updated by the respective airlines. Therefore, Regina Airport Authority Inc. is not responsible for any errors or omissions.

RAA's 2013 Annual Report

Regina Airport Authority's 2013 Annual Report was discussed and shared at our Annual General Meeting held on Thursday, April 24, 2014. Click here to view our 2013 Annual Report. Regina Airport Authority would like thank all attendees and media for their attendance.

RAA's Economic Impact

Regina Airport Authority's Economic Impact Study, completed in May of 2013 (based on 2012 data), indicated on an annual basis, the RIA generates close to three quarters of a billion dollars of GDP activity, fully 8% of the total Regina GDP. Click here for the full study or click on the overview piece for a quick review of Regina International Airport's Economic Impact on the City of Regina and southern Saskatchewan.

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