Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program

a hidden disabilities sunflower lanyardRegina International Airport is proud to offer the globally recognized Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program to support passengers with hidden disabilities, also known as invisible disabilities. The Sunflower logo aims to assist those travelling with invisible disabilities who may need a little extra patience, care, and assistance during their travel experience.


If you or someone you are travelling with has an invisible disability, such as autism, chronic pain, epilepsy, low vision, hearing loss, dementia, anxiety disorders, brain injuries, and many more, you may choose to wear the Sunflower lanyard as a discreet way to indicate to our airport staff that you may need a little more help or time when going through the airport processes. Wearing the Sunflower lanyard is voluntary. The Sunflower lanyard provides a helpful identifier to airport staff to best assist and supports anyone with an invisible disability.


You can pick up a free Sunflower lanyard the Information Booth or Regina Airport Authority Office.

  • Information Booth: 24 hours/day
  • Regina Airport Authority Office: 8-4 Monday-Friday

If you require assistance during your flight, the airline will be in the best position to assist you, and you should continue to request special assistance services from your airline.

Please note that this program does not allow for special treatment or expedited security screening but is a reminder to airport staff to show extra compassion, allow time for additional assistance, and let those travelling with these hidden disabilities feel comfortable and confident.

What is the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower?