Travelling with Pets

Can I bring my pet to the airport?

You bet! As long as that little cutie is on a leash and behaving themselves, they’re welcome to come pick up or drop off their humans.

Pet Relief Area at YQR

Located outside the terminal on a grassy knoll, you’ll find an area with a white picket fence designated for your four-legged friend to relieve themselves. If you are unsure of where the area is, feel free to ask one of our friendly security staff, and they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

There is an indoor pet relief area located to the right once you clear pre-board screening as well.

Can my pet be on leash inside the airport?

Absolutely, as long as your pet is well behaved, they can be on their leash and don’t have to remain in their kennel until it’s time to board the plane.

How can I travel with my pet?

Each airline has a different pet policy, so we recommend looking into it. Here’s where you will find more information from:




I bought a puppy and it was shipped to the airport. Now I’m told it’s being held in customs.

Unfortunately, this a story we hear all too often. We do not hold animals in customs and will never ask for a fee to release it. We get many calls from people who have fallen victim to a puppy scam. Please make sure you’re aware of the proper process for transporting an animal on a verified airline and if the situation seems fishy, it probably is. If you DO get scammed, please report it to the authorities.