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AirlineFlight #FromScheduled TimeActual TimeStatus
Westjet2415Cancun1:40 AM1:24 AMEarly
Air Canada.8430Calgary9:01 AM9:01 AMOn Time
Westjet3296Calgary9:40 AM9:40 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8505Toronto9:50 AM9:50 AMOn Time
Westjet3212Edmonton10:43 AM10:43 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8347Winnipeg10:58 AM10:58 AMOn Time
Air Canada.8432Calgary11:56 AM11:56 AMOn Time
Westjet3268Edmonton12:38 PM12:38 PMOn Time
Westjet314Vancouver, Calgary1:20 PM1:20 PMOn Time
United Express6393Denver1:45 PM1:45 PMOn Time
Air Canada4457Denver1:45 PM1:45 PMOn Time
Delta Airlines4490Minneapolis2:24 PM2:24 PMOn Time
Westjet6735Minneapolis2:24 PM2:24 PMOn Time
Westjet3273Winnipeg4:48 PM4:48 PMOn Time
Air Canada.8572Vancouver4:53 PM4:53 PMOn Time
Air Canada1117Toronto6:04 PM6:04 PMOn Time
Westjet3272Fort McMurray, Edmonton6:13 PM6:13 PMOn Time
Westjet210Vancouver, Calgary6:55 PM6:55 PMOn Time
Air Canada.8488Edmonton7:23 PM7:23 PMOn Time
Air Canada.8349Winnipeg7:43 PM7:43 PMOn Time
Air Canada.8434Calgary8:16 PM8:16 PMOn Time
Westjet3264Calgary8:35 PM8:35 PMOn Time
Delta Airlines7096Toronto8:36 PM8:36 PMOn Time
Westjet593Montreal, Toronto8:36 PM8:36 PMOn Time

These pages provide the same timely reporting of flights arriving and departing the Regina International Airport as seen on the monitors throughout the terminal building. Flight information is provided courtesy of Regina Airport Authority Inc., however, all listings and times are maintained and updated by the respective airlines. Therefore, Regina Airport Authority Inc. is not responsible for any errors or omissions.

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