Holiday Travel Tips

Arrive Early

We recommend arriving at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled flight. This will ensure you have ample time to park, check-in and proceed through security. The airport is open 24/7, so the “2 hour” rule even applies for those early morning flights.


  • YQR has lots of short and long-term parking options. All of our long-term parking spots are powered so your vehicle can remain plugged in while you’re away. The lot is also secured, and kept clear of snow. We strongly recommend using the long-term lot whether you’re away for a few days or a few months.
  • The longer you park, the more you save. The cost is $15 a day for the first 5 days, and $7 a day for any days after that.
  • For complete parking information visit

Food Services


  • There is a Brioche Doree located in arrivals that serves coffee, fresh baked pastries and homemade sandwiches.


  • You’ll find a Tim Hortons, Skyway Grill, and Skyway Lounge post-security. All provide full meals and tasty snack options. Alcohol is serviced at both Skyway locations.
  • To the left of security you’ll find soft seating, children’s play structure and tables to relax, enjoy your favourite beverage, have a meal with your family and friends, and get some last-minute work done before boarding your flight.

Airline Services

Each airline provides specific Information on how to have a safe and enjoyable journey, whether you are travelling within Canada or abroad. Here are a few suggested tips to review with your airline prior to coming to the airport.

  • We suggest you check with your airline to confirm your flight, check-in options, gate cut-off times, and verify your carry-on and checked luggage options and restrictions.

Packing Tips and Clearing Pre-Board Screening

CATSA’s dedicated professionals serve the Regina Airport Authority by protecting the travelling public and providing air transport security.

  • Want to know what you can bring? CATSA has this handy tool to help you know what and how much you can bring:
  • Do not bring wrapped packages in your carry-on luggage as they could be unwrapped by security. It is best to put wrapped gifts in your checked luggage or wrap your gifts once you arrive at your destination.

Travelling outside of Canada

  • If you’re travelling to the United States, a sun destination, or any other country, you must have a valid Canadian passport. Also, some countries will not accept a passport that is expiring in less than six (6) months. For more information on travelling outside of Canada and Canadian passport information, visit
  • Cannabis is legal for adults in Canada, however, it is still illegal to transport cannabis and all products containing cannabis (including products containing CBD) across the Canadian border. For more information on travelling with cannabis visit