If you require assistance boarding or de-planing please make your needs known to your air carrier.

 Link to Air Canada website. Link to Sunwing website Link to WestJet website

Special assistance is offered for passengers with small children, young children travelling alone, seniors and those requiring wheelchairs and other items.

Please notify your air carrier when special assistance is required. 

Escort Passes

Special need passengers, who wish to have a family member or friend accompany them through to their departure gate should contact their air carrier.



Teletypewriters are available throughout the terminal at most SaskTel kiosks.


Washrooms are located throughout the terminal and are clearly marked by signage. There is a Family Room located in the south end of the building (main floor) and is the largest washroom facility in the building.

All washrooms are large enough to accommodate wheelchairs and are equipped with accessible stalls, lower sinks and angled mirrors.

Navigating the Airport

The Regina Airport Authority worked closely with the Canadian Transport Agency to ensure that our facilities are barrier free.


Terminal Maps

For detailed maps of YQR click here.


Getting to and from the Airport

Curb Pick-up / Drop-off Locations: 

The airport terminal has a designated short term curbside pick-up/drop-off area (three (3) minute maximum) located south of the Departures entrance.

For passengers requiring an accessible short term drop-off or pick-up location, use the southern curb.  This area is clearly marked and only available to those requiring a quick drop-off or pick-up location point.

Short and Long Term Parking:

The airport has designated stalls for accessible parking in both the short and long term parking lots. These areas are located across from the terminal building and subject to regular parking fees.

Pre-arranged Waiting for Limousine and Taxi Services: 

The airport has designated an area for all passengers, including those with special needs, awaiting pick-up by limousine, taxi or private individual. This area is located just outside the Arrivals doors and is clearly marked by signage.

Taxi service is provided by Capital Cabs. If there is no cab available outside, proceed to the Customer Services desk which is located near the bottom of the Arrivals escalator and a taxi coordinator will arrange for a taxi.

To ensure that our cab companies can provide the best accessible service (i.e. wheelchairs), it is important that passengers travelling with special needs contact Capital Cabs at 306-791-2222 at least 24 hours in advance.

Rental Cars with Hand Control Systems

A number of the rental car companies at the airport have access to vehicles equipped with hand control systems. However, they ask for 24 hours notice to prepare the vehicle.

Special Needs Public Transportation: 

Passengers travelling with special needs can make prearrangements with the Regina Paratransit Service at 306-777-7007.

Van De’s Accessible Transit
(306) 531-6623

Contact Information for Questions or Concerns Regarding Accessibility

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Accessibility at the Regina International Airport, please fill out a General Inquiry Contact Form or call us at (306) 761-7555 and a member of our team will get back to you.

Information for Air Travel Accessibility

For more tips on airport and passenger accessibility visit the Canadian Transport Agency.

Information for Accessibility Regulations

Regina Airport Authority as the Terminal Service Provider for Regina Airport Authority (YQR) is subject to the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (ATDPR), portions of which were to come into effect  June 25, 2020.

Our obligations under the act are the following sections:

Part 1 – Requirements Applicable to Transportation Service Providers

Part 4  – Requirements Applicable to Terminal Operators

Schedule 1 – Training Program Information