Regina Flying Club

February 20, 2019

Regina Flying Club

Regina Flying Club

For over 90 years the Regina Flying Club (RFC) has been a valued partner at the Regina Airport. Rich in history and tradition, the RFC first began operations in 1927, the same year Charles Lindbergh made his historic trans-Atlantic solo flight.

As aviation continued to grow so did RFC which was led by chief instructor Roland Groome, the first commercially licensed pilot in Canada.

When WWII began, the RFC committed to train members of the Royal Air Force as well as the Royal Canadian Air Force as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training program. During this time, more than two thousand pilots earned their wings over the Saskatchewan prairie before heading overseas to do battle.

Today that tradition continues as the RFC is the only flight training facility at Regina International Airport and trains dozens of new pilots every year.

Currently the RFC operates a fleet of seven aircraft for training and rental, a state of the art simulator as well as offering pilot supplies and hangar facilities. The RFC also hosts various Royal Canadian Air Cadet training programs, Civil Air Search and Rescue (CASARA) exercises and is one of the main training sites for the Sask Polytechnic Commercial Pilot Diploma program.

“The Regina Flying Club is proudly affiliated with Sask Polytechnic and their Commercial Pilot Diploma Program,” said Audrey Kahovec, RFC general manager. “Our relationship with Sask Polytechnic helps us streamline our student’s dreams into a rewarding career in aviation”

In early June, the annual RFC Open House offers the public an opportunity to get up close and personal with aviation as the Club puts both civilian and military aircraft on display.

“During our open house, we offer discovery flights around the city and be a pilot for an hour flights”, said Audrey, who earned her pilots license before her vehicle driver’s license.

Audrey is also delighted that the RFC is a highly-regarded training facility that is helping to fill the current pilot shortage. With over 25 years of being a pilot, Audrey and her team can assist new pilots reach the Transport Canada standard for pilot training and licensing.

“Our programs include ground school, flight training for a Recreational Pilot Permit and a Private Pilot License,” said Audrey. “To qualify for a permit or license you must successfully pass a written exam and flight test.”

In addition, RFC also trains individuals for their commercial pilots license, night rating, multi engine rating and instrument rating. To enhance their training opportunities the RFC just added instrument renewals this year with their new Red Bird Flight Simulator.

Audrey shares her enthusiasm and passion for aviation with her clients and RFC members.

“You will enjoy being a member of the RFC” said Audrey. “Joining the RFC allows licensed pilots or permit holders to rent club aircraft for either local flights or trips away from Regina.”

For more information on the Regina Flying Club visit or call Audrey at 306-525-6194

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