Master Plan

Your participation in the our YQR 2037 Master Plan Stakeholder and Open House consultations helped build a stronger vision for the airport. These customer focused events also assisted us in achieving our RAA’s strategic plan mission and vision.

  • Mission “To seamlessly connect people and business to a world of experiences and opportunities”
  • Vision “Saskatchewan’s leading travel gateway and business hub”

2037 YQR Final Report

Master Plan Background

Why did the airport update its Master Plan?

The Master Plan is a requirement of Regina Airport Authority’s Ground Lease with Transport Canada, and must be updated every 10 years. The Master Plan is also used by airport management to plan future development options, to guide future capital projects and estimate capital funding requirements for future airport infrastructure.


What is a Master Plan?

The Master Plan process diagram.



What is the Master Plan process and schedule?

The Master Plan process and schedule diagram.



What are the Master Plan goals?  How do the Master Plan goals align with RAA’s strategic goals?

Master plan goals are based on strategic goals.



Who were the stakeholders that consulted in the Master Plan process?

Stakeholders in the Airport Master Plan


2037 Regina International Airport Master Plan

YQR’s 2037 Master Plan will review the previous Master Plan and identify new priorities and updates.


2037 YQR Final Report DRAFT


If you have input for the Master Plan, please forward your comments to:

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