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Regina Airport Authority Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of twelve business leaders that are well-connected to the communities it serves. The Board fosters the long-term success of the Authority: it provides strategic direction and oversight while supervising and delegating operating authority to Management.

 BOARD Top Row 2

  Ken Waschuk,       Trish Martynook,   Donna Dowler,      Trent Fraser,          Sean McEachern,          

  Chair                     Vice-Chair and      Chair of                 Chair of                  Chair of          

                               Chair of                Human                  Governance           Audit and                      

                               Community          Resources              and Nominating     Finance                 

                               Consultative         Committee            Committee            Committee           



BOARD Bottom Row 2

Robert Vanderhooft, Glenda Boynton,    Kellie Garrett,        Jim Kilkenny,       

Chair of Planning       Director                Director                 Director  

and Development


























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