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Airline Flight #FromScheduled TimeActual TimeStatus
Air Canada1113Toronto9:35 AM9:19 AMEarly
WestJet3288Calgary9:35 AM9:41 AMDelayed
Air Canada8436Calgary9:56 AM9:56 AMOn Time
Air Canada1111Toronto11:20 AM11:02 AMEarly
Air Canada8347Winnipeg11:03 AM11:03 AMOn Time
WestJet3212Edmonton11:08 AM11:08 AMOn Time
Air Canada8599Ottawa11:51 AM11:51 AMOn Time
WestJet314Abbottsford, Calgary1:20 PM1:20 PMOn Time
Air Canada1115Toronto3:35 PM3:35 PMOn Time
WestJet3268Edmonton3:48 PM3:48 PMOn Time
Air Canada8572Vancouver4:28 PM4:28 PMOn Time
WestJet3273Thunder Bay, Winnipeg5:23 PM5:23 PMOn Time
Air Canada1117Toronto6:05 PM6:05 PMOn Time
WestJet210Calgary6:40 PM6:40 PMOn Time
WestJet3286Edmonton6:43 PM6:43 PMOn Time
Air Canada8434Calgary6:51 PM6:51 PMOn Time
WestJet1331Las Vegas7:07 PM7:07 PMOn Time
WestJet3264Calgary8:50 PM8:50 PMOn Time
Delta Air Lines4682Minneapolis9:08 PM9:08 PMOn Time
WestJet605Toronto10:31 PM10:31 PMOn Time
WestJet216Calgary11:45 PM11:45 PMOn Time
Air Canada8570Vancouver11:48 PM11:48 PMOn Time
Air Canada1119Toronto12:15 AM12:15 AMOn Time
AirlineFlight #ToScheduled TimeActual TimeStatus
Air Canada8571Vancouver8:55 AM8:55 AMOn Time
Air Canada1114Toronto10:10 AM10:10 AMOn Time
WestJet3289Calgary10:10 AM10:10 AMOn Time
Air Canada8439Calgary10:30 AM10:30 AMOn Time
Air Canada8346Winnipeg11:35 AM11:35 AMOn Time
WestJet3235Edmonton11:55 AM11:55 AMOn Time
Air Canada1110Toronto12:00 PM12:00 PMOn Time
Air Canada8599Saskatoon, Ottawa12:25 PM12:25 PMOn Time
WestJet315Calgary1:55 PM1:55 PMOn Time
Air Canada1116Toronto4:15 PM4:15 PMOn Time
WestJet3268Winnipeg4:30 PM4:30 PMOn Time
WestJet3273Calgary6:00 PM6:00 PMOn Time
Air Canada1118Toronto6:45 PM6:45 PMOn Time
WestJet129Calgary7:15 PM7:15 PMOn Time
WestJet3263Edmonton7:20 PM7:20 PMOn Time
Air Canada8431Calgary7:30 PM7:30 PMOn Time
WestJet1934Las Vegas8:00 PM8:00 PMOn Time
Air Canada8573Vancouver8:25 PM8:25 PMOn Time
Air Canada8344Winnipeg5:30 AM5:30 AMOn Time
Delta Air Lines4543Minneapolis5:50 AM5:50 AMOn Time
WestJet193Calgary5:50 AM5:50 AMOn Time

These pages provide the same timely reporting of flights arriving and departing the Regina International Airport as seen on the monitors throughout the terminal building. Flight information is provided courtesy of Regina Airport Authority Inc., however, all listings and times are maintained and updated by the respective airlines. Therefore, Regina Airport Authority Inc. is not responsible for any errors or omissions.

Start your food and shopping journey at YQR!

We are working hard on our food, beverage and retail service changes at YQR and are pleased to share some delicious updates to help you start (or finish) your journey!


Post-Security, Second Level:

- Brioche Doree - serving a variety of tasty pastries, sandwiches, soup, salads and a selection of beverages

- Tim Hortons On-the-Go - piping hot coffee and an assortment of beverages available with additional offerings to follow shortly

- Relay - a newer, larger, bright space to offer convenience items, duty free and travel necessities

Pre-Security, Main Level:

- Subway - enjoy a sandwich made to your liking conveniently located on the main level and open 24/7

- Rumour Handcraft - a YQR favorite for local arts and wares relocated to the Arrivals Area


While our new Skyway restaurant and full service Tim Hortons located on the second floor pre-security are in the final stages (anticipated completion date of October 5), we are confident the new food, beverage and retail opportunities currently available both pre- and post-security will meet your immediate needs. We are also working hard on our Arrivals Area to provide a convenience store and additional Tim Hortons On-the-Go as well as enhancements to our current taxi, customer service and security areas to benefit our guests.

For more details on the exciting renovations and improvements happening at YQR click HEREWe want to continue to keep you informed! Click HERE to see the progress we are making right now and the temporary solutions in place to ensure you, our valued guest continue to have a positive experience at YQR!