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Regina International Airport provides both short and long term parking options for our customers. Parking rates were altered in July 2010; the associated notice can be found here.

Short Term Parking (less than 2 hour stays)

110 stalls are located immediately in front of the terminal building for brief stays. The first 20 minutes is free; after which, the charge is $1.00 for each half (1/2) hour or portion thereof to a maximum of 2 hours.


Long Term Parking (longer than 2 hour stays)

Over 1100 vehicles can be accommodated in the long term parking area. Daily rates are $2.00 for the first hour or part thereof, $1.50 for each additional hour of part thereof to the daily maximum rate of $11.00 for 24 hours

Long term stalls have complimentary electricity (BLOCK HEATERS ONLY please). For peak periods during the winter charter season, Regina International Airport's overflow parking lots will also be open to accommodate an additional 400+ vehicles. If the overflow parking lots are being utilized, parking personnel and appropriate signage will help direct you to the overflow parking area.


Payment Options

There are two ways to pay for parking:


  • Push the button located at the entrance gate as you enter the lot and take a ticket.
  • Take the ticket with you.
  • Pay for your parking at the pay-stations located in the terminal building just before returning to your vehicle (you have 15 minutes to exit the lot). 
  • At the exit, place the validated ticket in the slot and the gate arm will open to allow your vehicle to exit the lot.
  • Use this option to avoid line-ups at the exits.



  • Proceed directly to the exit
  • Insert your ticket at the exit gate FIRST, followed by your credit card. Once validated the gate will open and allow your vehicle to exit.
  • The machine at the exit gate does not accept cash or debit.


Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard & American Express

Cash: Change machine and ATM available near car rental counters on main level.


Cell Phone Parking Lot


In our continued endeavors to improve customer service and enhance airport operations, Regina International Airport offers our guests a Cell Phone Parking Lot. The Cell Phone Parking Lot is located on our entrance road (Regina Avenue).


The Cell Phone Parking Lot area is designated as a holding area for vehicles attending the site to pick up arriving passengers. Once the party has arrived, and claimed their luggage they call the greeter on their cell phone at which time the driver can pull up to the terminal curb area for a quick pick up. As vehicles are not allowed to wait on the terminal curb area, this practice further eliminates cars from circulating within the terminal curb area reducing congestion.


Notice of Public Parking Rate Change at YQR - Effective December 1, 2014


Please click HERE to view the notice of public parking rate change at YQR and parking lot locations (Note: Effective December 1, 2014). 








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