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Airport Hours of Operation

 Regina International Airport (YQR)'s air terminal building is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. See below for the hours of operation of specific services.


 Food & Beverage Services

Aviator Grill

  • Location: second level, pre-security area
  • Hours of Operation: 4:00am - 8:00pm
  • Menu Highlights: assortment of hot & cold meals,
    snacks, drinks and healthy alternatives

Tim Hortons On-the-Go

  • Location: 2 locations; second level, pre & post security
  • Hours of Operation: 4:00am - 8:00pm
  • Menu Highlights: assortment of hot & cold beverages,
    baking, snacks (post security location also offers
    breakfast sandwiches)

Streetside Cafe

  • Location: main level, arrivals area
  • Hours of Operation: 9:30am - midnight
  • Menu Highlights: cold meals, snacks,
    and beverages

GateWay Lounge

  • Location: second level, post-security area
  • Hours of Operation: 11:00am - 8:00pm (Mon-Sat),
    noon - 8:00 (Sun)
  • Items Served: alcohol and limited snack food options


Retail Services


  • Location: second level, pre-security area store and second level, post-security area kiosk
  • Hours of Operation*: 5:00am - 8:15pm (Sun-Wed; Fri),
    4:30am - 8:15pm (Thurs & Sat) 
  • Product Overview: duty free, convenience items,
    travel necessities, etc.

*Subject to change.

**Duty free available at both locations. Please check in-store with Relay for duty-free exemption guidelines when traveling outside of Canada.

Rumour Handcraft

  • Location: second level, pre-security area
  • Hours of Operation: opens at 8:00am
  • Product Overview: an eclectic collection of
    local arts and wares


ATMs and Currency Dispenser

  • ATM Locations: main floor in arrivals hall, second floor pre-security, and second floor post-security
  • Currency Dispenser: the ATM on the second floor pre-security also dispenses the following currencies: Canadian Dollars, American Dollars, Euros and British Pounds.


Language Support


    • Airport signage is bilingual in English and French
    • This website can be translated into French via Google Translate
    • There are French speakers at the airport to assist you. Please visit the customer service booth in the arrivals hall for assistance
    • To find out more on the Francophone community in Saskatchewan, please visit:

    • ACF

          Assemblée Communautaire Fransaskoise (ACF) Website

Other Languages

  • This website can be translated into a variety of languages via Google Translate 
  • There are individuals who speak various languages on staff. Please visit the customer service booth in the arrivals hall for assistance to determine if we can provide a translator.


Important Notice to all guests of YQR regarding Food and Beverage Services

With all of the new and exciting changes happening right now to our Food, Beverage and Retail Services the restaurant located on the second floor pre-security is currently closed for renovations. Post-security services for food and beverage are also under construction at this time, a reduced menu is available in the Lounge

In an effort to continue to increase our customer satisfaction YQR is improving our retail, food and beverage services. From April 1 until October 1, 2015 we will be working on additional and expanded food service options both pre- and post-security, expanded post-security retail services and improved lay-out in the main restaurant to improve traffic flow. For more details on the exciting renovations and improvements happening at YQR click HERE

We want to keep you informed! Click HERE to see the progress we are making right now and the temporary solutions in place to ensure you, our valued guest continue to have a positive experience at YQR!